Kurt McVey is a writer, artist, curator, and performer living in New York City. He has contributed to The New York Times, T Magazine, Interview Magazine, Vanity Fair, PAPER Magazine, ArtNet News, Whitehot Magazine, Architectural Digest, Cultured, Forbes, Quiet Lunch, Hyperallergic and more.

Omar Hernandez has become a great friend, so it was my delight to be able to follow up a Vanity Fair profile on Omar and his previous uptown venture at Vaucluse with this downtown boîte piece in The New York Times Style Section. All the relevant information, sparse though it is, is in the piece. Pictured to the right is Emily Shepard, who like Omar and perhaps myself, is one of those perennial, NYC nightlife spirit animals. Hit the link and make sure to check out this new hotspot. 

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